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Constructed with premium components and a remarkably small footprint. This little UPS measures 25 x 15 cm. Premium plastic, used to make the body, is robust enough to withstand shock and heat. The inverter of this U.P.S is very reliable. With a very high efficacy of 95%, this tiny UPS, also known as the M.S.P. Mini U.P.S., can output a continuous 250 watts and a maximum 500 watts. This makes it an extremely power-efficient U.P.S. The output voltage is stable at 220 volts with a maximum of 2.2 A and a continuous 1.2 A current.

My Sky Power Mini U.P.S

Built with high-quality parts and a surprisingly compact size.
This little UPS is 25 x 15 cm in size.
The body is made of premium plastic, which is strong enough to resist heat and shock.

This U.P.S.'s inverter is quite dependable. This small UPS, also called the M.S.P. Mini U.P.S., has a very high 95% efficacy and can generate up to 500 watts at a time. It can run at 250 watts continuously. It is therefore a very power-efficient U.P.S.
With a continuous 1.2 A current and a maximum of 2.2 A, the output voltage (220 volts) is stable.

Plug in a 220-volt AC power cord from the back of the gadget and turn on the switch to power it up. The U.P.S. includes an integrated battery pack that can be expanded. The battery pack in this model is a 3s battery pack with a capacity of 162 Wh (45,000 mA).

When turned on, the U.P.S. features a screen that shows the battery level and other LED indicators that provide you with status information. The screen on top of the gadget allows you to rapidly monitor the battery capacity in real time.
It is crucial to keep in mind that this UPS includes all the necessary safety features, such as protection against overload, short circuit, undervoltage, overvoltage, and overheating.

Three LED indicators are located on the device's top.
[INV]: When the U.P.S. is turned on, it will activate and indicate that the inverter is operating.
[Main]: It indicates that there is AC power coming from a 220-volt AC power cord and that the wall power is connected. In this condition, the UPS turns from Inverter Mode to Wall Power Mode while simultaneously charging the UPS battery.
[Fault]: This is a warning that will activate if the U.P.S. output experiences an overload or short circuit.

When the main energy source is lost, the U.P.S. is activated. It immediately shifts output power from the main to the inverter, ensuring that your device never shuts off or runs out of power. Additionally, its 162Wh battery allows you to operate for a sufficient amount of time until the power returns.
A desktop computer is used to test the U.P.S.'s ability to run for around an hour.
It may be used for more than just desktop PCs; it can power anything that needs continuous electricity, such as your 3D printer.

It doesn't end here; this U.P.S. is a better option because it possesses greater ability.
[IN/OUT]: This port serves both input and output, as its name would imply. This port can be used to power 12V devices, or you can use any 12V charger to speed up the U.P.S.'s charging process. Just be careful not to use more current than the 5A maximum.

[Solar]: Solar panels are connected to this port. Yes, solar panels can be used to directly charge this U.P.S.
Whatever solar panel has a voltage between 13 and 38 volts can be connected to this port; the U.P.S. automatically restricts the current and power to 2 A.
Note: To charge the inverter, you can also connect any power source or power adapter with a voltage greater than 12 volts to this connection.

Because this inverter's battery pack is composed of lithium-ion batteries, it is a superior option because the batteries will not fail for five to ten years.
Thus, the long-lasting batteries and multiple stages of protection ensure that this UPS will endure a very long time.

My Sky Power is the company that designed and makes this U.P.S.